The Spirit Of Hanukkah Is The Spirit Of Resistance To All Oppression

Originally published by UJPFO

The origins of Hanukkah and the Maccabee Jewish rebels fighting against the tyrannical King Antiochus symbolize the struggle of an oppressed people against national chauvinism which declares one people as superior to their neighbors.

Just like we opposed the oppression of the Jewish people by King Antiochus, we also oppose the genocidal policies of King Netanyahu against the peoples of Palestine and Israel.

The heroism of the Maccabees represents those today who struggle against the growing threat of fascism in Europe and the world.

Maccabean bravery is also represented today by those who resist the economic and social occupation of one people by another.

Today’s struggle against the economic Oligarchy that rules over our people traces its roots to the Maccabean Jewish rebellion.

Hanukkah is also the “Festival of Lights” –—- more than ever, we need it today to shed light from the darkness of Reaction to the light of fraternal peace and mutual respect.

United Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order

Board of Directors