WFTU Statement on the US Removal of Cuba From the List of Countries that “Allegedly Sponsor Terrorism”

The World Federation of Trade Unions once again joins its voice with the struggling people of Cuba and its workers and government, in their longstanding and just demand that Cuba be permanently removed from the list of countries that “allegedly sponsor terrorism”.

Even the recent report of the US Secretary of State does not include Cuba among the countries that “do not cooperate with US counter-terrorism efforts”, as it slanderously included it in previous years.

The international class-oriented trade union movement knows that Cuba is not only not a country that is a supporter of terrorism, but is itself a victim of terrorism. For six decades, the heroic Cuban people have been confronted with the criminal blockade imposed by the USA and the constant attempts at foreign intervention in the country.

The inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries “allegedly sponsoring terrorism” is just another attempt by US imperialism to isolate the island politically and economically, in order to intervene in the internal affairs of the country and impoverish its people.

Therefore, the WFTU reaffirms its firm solidarity and support to Cuba and its just demands!